SisterReach a grassroots non-profit that supports the reproductive autonomy of women and girls of color in the Greater Mid-South area through the framework of Reproductive Justice.  Our mission is to empower women and girls to lead healthy lives, raise healthy families and live in healthy communities.

We provide comprehensive reproductive and sexual health education to women and teens, and advocate on local and state levels for public policies which support the reproductive health and rights of all women and youth. Our advocacy messaging is specific to communities of color as we understand that our communities’ suffer the greatest from reproductive health disparities and therefore require more direct advocacy on local and state levels.

SisterReach applies the definition of Comprehensive Reproductive & Sexual Health as used by our friends at SIECUS:

What is Comprehensive Sex Education?

Comprehensive sex education includes age-appropriate, medically accurate information on a broad set of topics related to sexuality including human development, relationships, decision making, abstinence, contraception, and disease prevention. They provide students with opportunities for developing skills as well as learning. These programs:

  • provide young people with the tools to make informed decisions and build healthy relationships;
  • stress the value of abstinence while also preparing young people for when they become sexually active;
  • provide medically accurate information about the health benefits and side effects of all contraceptives, including condoms, as a means to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of contracting STIs, including HIV/AIDS;
  • encourage family communication about sexuality between parent and child;
  • teach young people the skills to make responsible decisions about sexuality, including how to avoid unwanted verbal, physical, and sexual advances; and
  • teach young people how alcohol and drug use can effect responsible decision making