Eric Roberson | The ALL ACCESS Concert – FREE EVENT

Eric Robeson ConcertUPDATE:  Thank you for trying to register for the Eric Roberson concert. Unfortunately, we are at capacity! Sign our mailing list for updates on future educational opportunities from SisterReach!

Note: Commenting on this post will place you on the waiting list. Unclaimed seats will be released at 7:31 pm and issued to waiting list participants in the order they were posted in the comments. If you have not received a confirmation email with your ticket attached, you are not registered for the event.


  1. Trina Curry says

    Super excited to see this brother.

    • Gene Pendleton says

      Wish I knew about it sooner

    • Kimberly Dobbins says

      Hopefully I can get in for an unclaimed spot!

    • Pierre Tillman says

      I would like to receive tickets to attend the concert

  2. Deborah Parrish says

    I would love to attend this concert.

  3. Monique Williams says

    Need 2 tickets

  4. Brandi Wells says

    I would love to attend this. I would like to reserve for 2

  5. Roz Robinson says

    This IS dope Thx for the invite 2 Tix please

  6. Parnicka Motton says

    One of the few soul singing brothers left…

  7. Johnie Williams says

    would like to RSVP2 tickets please

  8. LaTonya Gross says

    Awesome Thanks!

  9. Angelic Cathey says

    2 please!

  10. Taisha Nelson says

    This will be a great event!!!

  11. Velonese Williams says

    I’d like to reserve two tickets, please.

  12. LATASHA Cobbs says

    I cant wait!

  13. Nansa Jo says

    I would like to RSVP for two tickets.

  14. Cedric E. Bennem Jr. says

    I’m ready to here some good music

  15. Bathsheba Spencer says

    I would like to request two tickets. I’m excited about the show!!

  16. LaDeia McNeal says

    LOVE Eric Roberson!!!

  17. LaDeia McNeal says

    Can’t wait to see him here in Memphis!

  18. Jeremy R Sanders says

    This is going to be a great show!

  19. Brenda Eckles says

    Would like to request two tickets.

  20. Sheree Rodgers says

    I’d love to attend! 🙂

  21. Will Rich says

    I would also like 2 tickets

  22. moti j watson says

    1 or 2 tics plz 🙂

  23. Yoriann says

    Please put me on the Waitlist. I want to see Mr. NiceGuy! I am an excellent companion for anyone that got too many tickets. 😉 (

  24. Venisha says

    I just learned about your organization. This will be a great event. I recently saw him in New York…..Great show! I wish I knew he was coming here. I would love to know more about your organization. Thanks and take care

  25. Eric C says

    Hope I get chosen from the waiting List

  26. Velisa Woods says

    Would love to attend!

  27. Pulin Agrawal says

    1 Ticket. Thanks!

  28. Katrina Kerr says

    I need 3 tickets please. We will leave the TSU game to hear Eric sing.

  29. Regina Cheers says

    I would like 2 if they become available.

  30. Del Lawrence says

    This is awesome! Can’t wait!

  31. Trudy H. says

    Eric Roberson is my FAVORITE artist!!!! If possible, I would need 2 tickets/seats!! Thanks in advance!!!

  32. Tara Norman says

    Just now found out about this. I would like 2 or 3 if they become available please. Thanks!

  33. Marquetta Degrafinreid says

    Would like 2 please. I’ve been waiting months for him to come ?

  34. Tracy Hernandez says

    Desperately hoping to get 2 tickets for ERRO!!!! I’m a huge fan.

  35. Renee Davis says

    2 tickets

  36. Madeline Simington says

    Adding myself to the wait list for 1 ticket.

  37. Detra Tate says

    Willing to PAY!!! Would absolutely LOVE 2 tickets!!!

  38. Latisha says

    I love Eric Roberson…listen to him all the time!!! Tix please!!!! 2…

  39. Rodney Bobo says

    Would like to attend for 2….Good musick!

  40. Vicki barksdale says

    Thanks can’t wait, need 2 tix

  41. Tara bradley says


  42. Kimberly Bailey says

    Thank you.

  43. Daphne Lee says

    I’m a memphis ballerina and blogger for Choose 901. Eric and I are from Rahway and we were both recognized as “Rahways Own”. I have to get into this event! Thanks

  44. Deonica Davis says

    Waiting list please! What a great surprise, for just coming in town for a random weekend! *fingers crossed*

    • Deonica Davis says

      I would need two tickets please

  45. Charles says

    2 tickets

  46. Kimberly Dobbins says

    Thanks for addind me to waiting list.

  47. Kayon Montaque says

    This waitlist is so long oy vey! Cherisse can I please have 2 seats please!

  48. Lakesha Duncan says

    I really would love to see him. Have been a fan well over a decade. Wish I had known about the concert earlier.

  49. Kenya Reynolds Thomas says

    In need of 2 tickets

  50. Natasha Morgan says

    I wish I had know about this sooner. I would like to get on the waiting list for one ticket

  51. Jojo catchings says

    I would love to be on the wait list!

  52. Jojo catchings says

    I hope to go tonight. Please add me to the waitlist

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