Breast Cancer Awareness: A Prayer for Access

pink-ribbon-mdRev. A. Faye London

Gracious Eternal One,

You who have made our bodies, minds and Spirits. You have been present with us since our beginnings, we come first thanking You. We thank You for the progress in both science and awareness that has contributed to increased Breast Cancer survival rates. We thank You for every person who faces a battle for their lives boldly and with little fear and for every person who finds strength in telling their story to keep us aware an awake concerning the risks.

But Holy One, we also know that illness can be a lonely and scary place. We know that there are those for whom the diagnosis seems like an ending to their lives rather than the beginning of a fight. Please help us to be Your reflection in the lives of these who are suffering. Give us the ability to hold space for fear and sadness without cheap and shaming language about faith. Help us, as Your people, to know that our presence and love are more important to our loved ones than cheap “church talk.” Help us to remember that in difficult times, it is not our job to have all of the answers. But help us to be a blessing through presence and service.

And God right now we pray for those for whom lack of access exacerbated their illness. We pray for those who have no healthcare because of Medicaid expansion refusals. We pray for those who have been victims of uncaring doctors who don’t take the time to discover the cause of symptoms and treat in a timely manner because she’s poor, black and uninsured. We cry out for all of those whose lives have been lost because health care systems are hostile to certain bodies. We wail in grief and we commit to act. We will stand up and speak out. We will speak truth to power. We will challenge this unjust system for the good of ALL of our people. Keep us, strengthen us and protect us as we move forward for this change to save our own lives.

Now God, we ask that even where we fail, You be a comfort to those still battling Breast Cancer. Show us the way to be a comfort too. Keep guiding scientists to new and better treatments. Keep giving survivors the words to speak out and raise awareness about their experiences and God, please change the minds and hearts of humanity so that we understand the difference between availability and access so that ALL of Your people can be healed.

In the Name of the Holy One,

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