Have You Visited a “Pregnancy Resource” or ” Crisis Pregnancy” Center?

Have you visited a “pregnancy resource” or “crisis pregnancy” center? Did you expect to see a doctor and get options about having an abortion? But instead, it was not an abortion clinic?

If a “pregnancy resource” or ” crisis pregnancy” center told you lies about the services it offered, gave you inaccurate information or tried to guilt you into changing your mind, SisterReach and the National Women’s Law Center want to hear from you.

Please join us for a discussion to tell us about your experiences.

Saturday, April 5th, 2014 · 12:00pm-2:00pm
Location provided to those who RSVP
Refreshments will be provided in addition to a gift card for your time.

To register for the roundtable or ask questions:
SisterReach: 901-222-4425

If you can’t make this time but want to share your story, please email SisterReach at: myabortionstory@sisterreach.org.


Learn more about sisterreach at www.sisterreach.org.
Learn more about the National Women’s Law Center: www.nwlc.org/cpctoolkit.

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