The Interfaith Advocacy Department is the hub for all of SR’s faith-community specific programming and community outreach. This page is also functions as an online resource for ministry leaders and laity to learn more and about RJ and get involved in the work.

Rev. A. Faye London

“I do this work so that little girls and women in faith communities will know that their bodies participate fully in the Image of God and are not ‘dangerous things’ that need to be controlled or mediated by anyone but themselves. I want us all to know that the Image of God includes a moral agency and wisdom to know what we need and to make space for the needs of our community members without shaming and blaming. Women of faith are backbones of families and communities and can and should be trusted.”

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The goal of SisterReach Faith programs is to support the mission of SisterReach by engaging people of faith in: “empowering, organizing and mobilizing women and girls in the community around their reproductive and sexual health to make informed decisions about themselves, therefore to become advocates for themselves.”

SisterReach’s faith-based programming centers on partnering with RJ and/or faith-based organizations across the United States to educate faith leaders and communities about Reproductive Justice and its connection to both our spiritual and political lives. Through education, advocacy, and organizing with communities of faith around issues that impact the lives of the most vulnerable populations in our communities, SisterReach seeks to foster long-term relationships with people of faith and faith communities. By building authentic relationships that honor the specific faith traditions AND the lived experiences of the people in the pews, we remain connected to the ever-changing needs of these communities and help our partners to address these needs in non-harming ways.

Through specialized trainings and community events for clergy/seminarians, lay leaders and congregations, we raise awareness among the voting public about issues that are germane to the survival and thriving of women and girls of color, poor women, rural women, youth and other marginalized groups in our communities. These trainings equip leaders to more effectively advocate for women & youth in the public sphere and, most importantly, equip marginalized women, girls, families and communities to speak their OWN faith in their OWN voices in defense of their OWN lives.


What We're Up To...

Vacation Body School (VBS) is designed for faith communities and faith-based organizations that recognize the need for young people to have the most accurate and complete information possible about their bodies in order to make the best decisions for themselves.

VBS is a two to three day Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health, Healthy Relationships and Self-Management learning community for 6th-12th graders. Designed to fulfill the need that is lacking in our schools' sex education programs for age-appropriate, scientifically accurate and comprehensive information about:

•Reproductive Anatomy
•General health and hygiene
•Healthy relationships
•Reproductive and sexual health (Including abstinence education)

VBS is offered as often as once a month and is a community-wide education and enrichment event.



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Are you a Tennessee, parent who wants your child to receive full, medically accurate, comprehensive sex-ed as a part of their educational curriculum? Join SisterReach in advocating for Comprehensive Sex Ed across the state of Tennessee.


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