Memphis Teen-Focused Website Unveiled


MEMPHIS, TN, APRIL 29, 2013 – Memphis Teen Vision (MemTV) announces the launch of their teen focused website. The website offers information to teens regarding local doctors who will see teens as patients, resources on pregnancy prevention and abstinence, teen parent information, and faith based support services. The website offers a component for parents of teens, mentors and local advocates to share and receive recent data and research regarding teen support. The website is also geared to professionals working in the fields of pregnancy prevention and parent support, parents/mentors, and teens in hopes to connect and promote individual and collaborative initiatives which support teens. The rollout of the site comes on the heels of the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy on May 1st, a day the coalition highlights to bring awareness around teen pregnancy prevention, education and STI awareness.

“We are so excited to offer this resource to teens and their parents. We hope that the website will supplement current information that up to this point had never been offered specifically for our teens. This is a win for Shelby County – a win for our teens,” said MemTV Executive Chair, Rebecca Terrell.

MemTV’s vision is a future where all teens are taught comprehensive sex education, teens’ onset of sexual intercourse is delayed, teen pregnancies are reduced, and teen parents are provided assistance. Our mission is to create a coordinated community response to teen pregnancy and parenting that includes (1) comprehensive sex education for teens including abstinence and contraceptive information, (2) services, support, and education to pregnant and parenting teens, and (3) strong policies and programs that promote adolescent sexual health.

MemTV is dedicated to making resources for teens and teen parents more transparent and easily accessible, promoting a non-judgmental environment where teens have access to comprehensive sex education, strategies that focus on both boys and girls, and programs based on evidence and best practices.

The website address is:

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Cherisse Scott, MemTV Community Awareness co-chair, or Rebecca Terrell, please contact Cherisse Scott at (901) 310-5488 or

Cherisse Scott: (901) 310-5488
Rebecca Terrell: (901) 274-3550

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