New Tennessee Drug Law Aims to Reduce Drug Dependency in Babies

Yotta Fire posted the story “New Tennessee Drug Law Aims to Reduce Drug Dependency in Babies“.

Over the last couple of years, health officials in Tennessee have noticed that many of the babies in the state are drug dependent since birth. To rectify the situation, a new law was passed by republican governor Bill Haslam. This law criminalizes illegal drug use during pregnancy and the mother can be charged with misdemeanor or in case the baby is harmed due to the use of drugs, she can be charged with criminal assault by the District Attorney. She can be charged with homicide if the child dies due to her drug use.

“We’re hoping by having this law is one hold mothers accountable, but on the other to give them an incentive to get into a program, but if they refuse or they don’t successfully complete they’ll be held accountable for that,” says Sullivan County District Attorney General Barry Staubus.

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