Pregnancy and Drug Use Criminalized in Tennessee

Liberty Voice posted the story “Pregnancy and Drug Use Criminalized in Tennessee“.

Tennessee could become the first state to authorize the filing of assault charges against a mother if it is determined that she has harmed her fetus or newborn with illegal narcotics. The bill which would criminalize women who used drugs illegally during pregnancy is waiting for the governor of Tennessee to either approve or veto it. It passed the House without problems, and passed the Tennessee Senate last week with bipartisan support.

While the bill may be receiving bipartisan support in legislation, there are definite critics of the bill who are hoping that the Republican governor, Bill Haslam, will veto it. Governor Haslam has 10 days to approve or veto the bill, or it will automatically become law. 30 members of the house voted against the bill; eight of the 30 were Republicans. In the Senate there were seven members who voted against the bill, all seven were Republicans. Perhaps the reason behind this is that individuals who are pro-life, which Republicans often are, worry this bill may harm babies.

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