Unless Haslam Vetos It, Miscarriages are About to be Crimes

Nashville Scene posted the story “Unless Haslam Vetos It, Miscarriages are About to be Crimes“.

Usually, I like to gloat when I’m right about something, but it brings me no joy to see Tennessee moving toward the criminalization of miscarriages. I can’t imagine what it would be like to suffer through a miscarriage and then have to call the police so that they can come and investigate me, to see if I fucked up my pregnancy in some way. But it’s been obvious for a while that this was the way we were headed. And now here we are.

Women’s rights groups have been trying to raise the alarm about SB1391, which allows prosecutors to go after women who give birth to babies who are addicted to drugs or whose babies die because of drug use, but there hasn’t been much outcry here in the state.

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